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October 11, 2011

Hey everybody!

Well, a happy birthday to David and Kaleo! And Heather this weekend! I had 4 Thanksgiving dinners this weekend so I am all turkeyed out!

So I was in Vulcan on splits this weekend with a new missionary and boy did it feel good to tract again. In 20 minutes, we found 5 potential investigators, gave out 4 copies of the BOM, and set up an appointment with a family for Monday night! It was crazy how much fun me and Elder Thomas had. We were walking and he goes, "we need to do this more often!" I would say it was a successful exchange if we can get a new missioanry to enjoy finding throgh his own efforts.

Lots of good things are happening down here!

Tyler is getting baptized on Saturday. His mom gave us the permission slip so he's good to go! Kyle Sweetgrass's date was pushed back because he didn't meet with us last week and because he lives north of Standoff, it's a challenge to get lessons. We did re-set it for the 22nd and it looks like his cousin Zach who we've been teaching as well will be able to baptize him. We're teaching commandments today so he's almost ready to go! The grandparents are endowed members so there's been a lot of support for these two.

Clara, who has a date for the 22nd, has faced so much opposition. On Tuesday, her grandson was ran over by a truck. Miraculously, he was fine with only a few bruises. Brother Hill helped Clara understand that the only way things will get better is if she goes to church. So she made it church in the 4th ward on Sunday. Satan will do whatever he can to stop people from progressing eh? But Clara has been strong and has strong fellowshippers to help her.

Ron is continuing to want to meet with us. We had a very helpful member this time to help Ron progress. He knows what we are teaching is true because he said, "Well, everything you teach is out of the Bible and the Testament (BOM), so it must be God's words." He also knows that we're instruments of God and that this is what God wants him to do. We invited him to be baptized but he said he's concerned about his obligations to work. We know that there's a deeper concern and Elder Harris and I both think it's the Word of Wisdom which we haven't taught yet but we have a funny feeling about it so we'll see what we can do.

We picked up a new investigator this week in Glenwood as well so things are going well. We're both working hard and are excited about all of the success that is going on.


Elder Madsen

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