Sunday, February 19, 2012

November 14, 2011

Hey everybody!

Good news!!! It hasn't really snowed yet! It's the middle of November and there's still black streets out there with lane lines and everything! Don't worry though, it'll be here and won't go away until I go home.

We're going through some struggles right now. We're working hard but we're not sure if we're working smart. We seem to be exactly where the Lord doesn't want us even though we're doing good things (talking to everyone, knocking on doors), we're not sure if we're doing the best things. We're going to find out what those best things are.

Munsami was doing very well until last night. He called us and told us that his mom found out that he's getting baptized and got very upset with him. He also didn't show up to church which caused his date to drop as well. Tonight, we're going over L3 and will establish a plan where he can bear his testimony to his mom of the truths that he has learned. I know that he will be baptized in November still.

We're having struggles with our other investigators as well. We had a decent lesson with Daniel. He's still struggling with his lifestyle change and feels that he hasn't gotten an answer yet. We're glad that real intent was brought up several times these past couple of days because as we talked about the commandments, he said he wasn't willing to keep them... Well, now we know why he hasn't gotten the answer that he's looking for. He brought up tithing and we were rather blunt with him and told him to "Prove the Lord herewith..." He said he would pay tithing. It will be great when he sees the Lord pour him out a blessing.

I love how simple the gospel is. Be obedient, and you'll be happy. I can't think of a better way to put it.


Elder Madsen

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