Sunday, February 19, 2012

December 19, 2011

Hey everybody!

The weather is so nice!!! Im excited to call you at one oclock!

As far as our area is doing, the numbers don't show it but we are working hard. We got 3 new investigators and one of them came off of a referral from a 7day! Our member brought his friend Michael and we taught him in 30 minutes the first lesson. We asked him how he felt and he responded, "I feel GREAT!!!" He accepted a date for the 31st! After we established daily contact and the B2b, he brought up a concern. He has 2 jobs, one on a party bus and the other is a bartender... I knew opposition was upon us. He really doesn't want to give up his jobs. Unforutnately, we didn't have time to go into the doctrine behind those commandments. In our next lesson, it will be the major focus. I'm glad we know how to teach towards commitments now. He didn't come to church on Sunday so the date is dropped. Now we have to pour out our hearts to God and be proactive in making things happen.

Carlin cancelled on our appointment but came to church. He really enjoyed it. In Gospel Principles, the lesson was supposed to be on exaltation. I thought to myslef, "I really don't want our investigators to hear us talk about Kolob right now. Is there anything else we could hear?" Then, the teacher opened the book to "Christ's church in former times". SCORE!!! When we opened the book to apostasy, Carlin said, "Madsen & Hawkins know this one!!!"
We're glad there's retention there.

More miracles are on their way. Elder Perez is amazing. I know his testimony of the firm and the 7day increased this week. In fact, it might have happened with Michael and John! He teaches the doctrine so simple and pure. Elder Hawkins is so diligent and always acts on the promptings of the spirit... and im in it for the ride!!! Ha, just kidding. These elders are great!

Elder Madsen

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