Sunday, February 19, 2012

January 24, 2012

Hey everybody!

Well, the 3 leg is over. Elders Hawkins & Perez are going to Medicine Hat. I'm getting Elder MAHONRI Contreras! He is legit! He's from Guatemala and is hilarious! The weather was awful this week but has gotten better. I hope I get to stay in East Calgary forever.

Miracles are on the brink right now! Carly said she knows this is true and she is supposed to be baptized on Sunday. She's having a tough time getting over that step. Her family wants her baptized in the end of February but we know the Lord wants otherwise. We're having daily contact with her. We're doing everything in our power to see that she is baptized on Sunday. We're praying that she will use her agency wisely.

Carlin is losing interest. He's not showing a lot of interest in finding out if this is true. He's more interested in just picking up more information. It's like pulling teeth to find out his desires. He still comes to church and seems to like the social aspect of the church but not much the doctrine.

We picked up a new investigator from the North. His name is Justin. He's living common law with a member. It seems like he's just doing this for her. She is on the path back to the church but it's frustrating because he doesn't have the full interest level. We're thriving on their commitments and I'm glad that we've been trained on how to teach towards the commitment. I know that Justin has an interest in there somewhere. It's just a matter of the Spirit bringing that to our knowledge.

Christopher Baker went to church on Sunday. His mom has social anxiety issues. Chris said the only way he would go is if he could bring his Nintendo DS. We compromised. He came and the teachers told him to put away... He loved church! He talked to us about how he learned about the iron rod and wants to go back next week! His date is for February 10th.

Constance, who let us in for dinner last week, had dinner with us and Sister McConkey. They hit it right off. It was picture perfect member involvement. She came to church on Sunday and is going to get her husband to come next week!

It was fun with Elder Hawkins and Elder Perez. I'm amazed at how in just a matter of six weeks, a missionary can go from hating the work to being consecrated to it. Only the Lord knows how.


Elder Madsen

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