Sunday, February 19, 2012

January 16, 2012

Hey everybody!

Well, the cold is here. The field is officially white and ready to harvest.

Lith is going through trials right now. She didn't make it church so her date is going to have to be rescheduled. Again, we look back and think, "What more could we have done?" We got members who offered rides and called her in the morning, we've had daily contact. Again, we don't give up but keep showing her that we love her and are going to stress the importance of commitments. She is ready to live the law of tithing and has been living the word of Wisdom. She is recognizing that Satan is doing everything he can to stop her from progressing. The ward is really excited in helping her out and inviting her to activities as well.

A date for Carly is just one lesson away. She knows this is true. She even called us and let us know how her Book of Mormon reading was going. She let us know that her dad is supportive of her being baptized but her mom is questioning the decision. Carly is going to bring her mom to church in a couple of weeks so that she can see for herself. Let's just baptize the whole family! She was at church yesterday and the lesson was on the temple. Tears poured down her face as the teacher taught about how our families can be together forever. It was incredible! The Spirit touched her heart. Matt is also okay with her being baptized by someone else. It's just a matter of him convincing her and letting her know the importance of it.

We had a sweet experience. We stopped by our former investigator. It was cold and windy outside and she invited us in. She was making stew and asked if we wanted to stay! We accepted and sat down with her. It was a good experience because we were able to find out her religious background and understand what we could do to help her. We read from the introduction to the Book of Mormon. Normally, we just read the 1st & last 2 paragraphs but when we were about to move on to the next principle, she said, "Wow, this interesting, can i read more?" She read the whole introduction. It was fun seeing the Spirit working in her. She didn't accept a date but invited us over next week for another dinner! It will be good to have a solid member with us when she accepts a date.

Well, the miracles are there if we want them. President Maher spoke at ward conference yesterday and asked the congregation, "Why are you here? Because it starts at one? You are all here to serve your Heavenly Father!" It was bold and powerful because there was so much love and truth behind it. It's something I know I could directly apply to me as a missionary. "Am I still out only because there's still 4 months to go? Or do I love my Heavenly Father and want to serve Him?" It was a good moment to refelct and find ways where I could come colser to the Savior. I hope we all are able to find ways where we can become more goal oriented and not so much task driven. The Lord's definition of achievement is constancy. There is no end or final task. It keeps going. There's no rest in the kingdom. I had a good interview with President this week. It's a comfort to know he is called of God and holds the keys to this mission.

Elder Madsen

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