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November 28, 2011

Hey everybody!

Well, there's been lots of trials for us this past week. For Thanksgiving, we had dinner with British people... Jk, that's not our trial. It was actually pretty good. We had "Toad in the Hole" which is sausages in Yorkshire pudding.

Dan is doing pretty well. We taught him the Word of Wisdom. He's been living it for 4 days now! He has a really good fellowshipper who's there for good support. On Friday, he called us and told something happened with his mom. We haven't been able to meet with him for a couple of days. We're getting back in there and it will be amazing for how strong the Spirit will be.

We went through our former's and picked up a new investigator named Constance. We had a really interesting first lesson with her. She has a strong faith in Christ and was really glad to know that w ehave a prophet on the earth again today. She's not sure if she can be baptized again. We tried resolving her concern by showing her examples of people in the New Testament who were rebaptized. Amazingly, you can't prove the gospel is true by logic. It has to be the Spirit that does it which is our focus with her as well.

Whoever thinks that Mormons are the only people on the earth with strong faith in Christ defintiely needs to visit whi Delrose. She goes to a Chrisitan church up here but I don't know if I have ver seen someone with so much belief in Christ. She gets fed up with all of the hypocrisy in religions. We had an incredible lesson with her about the importance of authroity. She has some things that she needs to work on. She said the closing prayer and only said she was thankful to meet with us. After the prayer there was a pause... she said, "Wait a minute, don't you want me ask if Joseph is a prophet now?" Talk about real intent. SHe prayed and asked if our church is the only church with Christ's authority and if she should be baptized. When she gets baptized, she's going to make one good relief Society president.

Well, I know that trials are merely Satan's applause. They are also opportunities for us to grow. We had to discipline some elders this weekend. Not fun. Now I know how much stress it is to be a parent. I've learned that we can't be complacent with where we are at.


Elder Madsen

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