Sunday, February 19, 2012

January 30, 2012

Hey everybody!

It is still so WARM outside! It's just gotta hold out till June and we're good. We had stake conference and our zone had 11 investigators there. 4 of those were ours and it was a great meeting.

Well, the week was good. Christopher is on date for February 10th and came to church again this week. He only has a few more lessons and then he's ready! The members are really key in the whole process because they're helping him out so much with rides and having fun at church.

Carly is having a tough time getting over her fears. She is afraid of what her parents will think so we will find out what to do either tonight or Tuesday night. I know for a fact she will be baptized in February, it's just a matter of what day.

Constance came to church again. Sister McConkey is the reason for it. It's a picture perfect situation of member involvement. She believes Joseph is a prophet and has already read 116 pages of the Book of Mormon (not the ones Martin Harris lost, although that would be legit). She did accept a date softly for February 18th. She can feel the Spirit and she knows that what we are teaching is true.

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