Wednesday, September 7, 2011

June 20, 2011

Hey everybody,

well sad news. Elder Marsden is going home because of his health. He leaves today and we're all down today because of it. We're going to miss him but he is calm about it. He knows he is going where the Lord wants him. This week was not good as for as our physical states were. Everyone of us got sick and it really hindered the work. We were able to continue to press hard though in spite of that.

We took Dani on a church tour. She's a referral we received from the Airdrie sisters. She's from Chile and has been brought up in a Catholic background but as far as religion goes, she does, "whatever works." Throughout the church tour, we had solid fellowshippers for her and she really enjoyed the presentation aspect of it. She also feels good whenever she reads the Book of Mormon, especially when she read through 3 Nephi 11. It was no surprise when we went to the Christ room that she picked the picture where Christ comes to the Nephites as her favorite picture. We watched the Restoration and she got very emotional when she watched it. We firmed her and she wants to do more praying and pondering. She also has concerns with her kids (Ages 10 and 12) and what they think about the church. So we're teaching her family on Tuesday night. She wrote all of her commitments down on the pamphlet. I know that as she keeps her commitments and gains a testimony, her concerns will be minor annoyances but the only thing that will matter to her will be following her Savior.

We were following our 15 minute plan and forgot the address of the lady we wanted to stop by. We were a bit frustrated but knew the Lord had us there for a reason. We knocked on a door and a black woman and her 2 kids answered. We said we had a message about Jesus Christ and she said we could come back on Saturday. Saturday afternoon, we went over and started teaching. We told her that it wasn't an accident we showed up at her door but that God had prepared her for the message He had for her. She started sobbing. She said,"The day you came was a very diffcult day for me. I prayed and asked God,' Where are you?!' and then you gentleman came..." The Spirit had borne witness that we were representatives of God. We taught her the Restoration. We firmed her for July and she said she wanted to talk to her husband and didn't want to rush anything. We had to get to our next appointment but we did get a return appointment. She tried to resist writing down the appointment on the pamphlet but we were persitant about it and didn't let her get away. There is inspiration in the pamphlet principle.

We found some investigators for the YSA ward to teach as well. We also met with Mike. He was pretty fed up about how the members go through the motions at church and how it shouldn't be just our jobs as missionaries to find people to teach (thats what im talking about). We did our best to resolve his concerns and he understands that baptism is a commitment.

Well, we're a bit down about Elder Marsden leaving but we know it's what the Lord wants. We are excited to work hard again and continue to see miracles in this area.

Elder Madsen

P.s. Yes, Elder Newman is our zone leader. He and I talk about Brother Quackenbush and how he was in the Stake Young Men's Presidency. Elder Newman is an incredible missionary. He is such a good example of hard work, obedience, and having fun at the same time. I love him a lot and am bummed that he's going home so soon. Mail strike isn't over yet. I am honestly the worst person to update you on how it's going but Sister Leavitt's daughter can keep you more "posted"

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