Wednesday, September 7, 2011

July 25, 2011

Hey everybody

Well, things are still going rough but we're continuing to look for opportunities. We taught Tyler this week. He is still committed to July 31st. In the lesson, Elder Mott accidentally firmed him for August 31st and Brother Moxley was really excited. He told us they were going on vacation the week before the baptism. We explained to them that we sought Heaven;y Father's will on what day Tyler should be baptized and that we know he needs to be baptized on the 31st of July. They agreed and have faith that it will all work out. His mom is still an issue. She wants to talk to him on July 30th when she comes down from Calgary. It's a tough thing for Tyler to talk to his mom about. Brother Moxley gave him a blessing to have the strength to talk to his mom. We haven't heard of how anything has gone yet but we have faith that everything will work out.
One of our investigators is moving to Red Deer but we heard from a nonmember who asked us for help on his property out in Hillspring. Doug (nonmember) called us from Southern B.C. and asked us for some help out there. We talked to the ward and some of the members want to help out there as well. I don't think Doug knows what he's in for because he is definitely about to get baptized!

Bishop Beazer is still trying to work with Dayson. We stopped by and talked to Brother Stephan. Dayson was listening to us the whole time so we weren't able to talk about the situation very much. I have faith that good things will happen there.

It's been pretty difficult. I've never extended 7days as good in the entire mission as I have now and I've never been this obedient or dedicated but it seems like there is no success going on right now. I'm positive this is a trial of my faith and I know that good things will come. I guess I'm "of shortsightedness" right now but good things are about to happen out here.

Elder Madsen

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