Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 6, 2011

Hey everybody!

Things are looking really good now. We're having a baptism this Thursday with Dayson Stephan. Things were finally able to work out on both sides and now he's entering the water! Tings with Rochelle have been to a halt lately. We call and try to set up times to meet with her but it hasn't been working out. Rebuke me if I'm wrong but I feel like daily contact is a good indicator of how much desire the investigator has to come into the fold. It seems like investigaotrs who don't have a problem with it are progressing stronger as opposed to people who avoid it. That's been Rochelle's problem so her date naturally dropped.

Better things have been going on. We picked up another new investigaotr. Shirley Chiefmoon is inactive and has 2 granddaughters (Gurlee and Carla) who are 12 and 13. Gurlee was only present for the lesson on Tuesday and understood everything very well. She is shy but we taught to her level and firmed her for the 17th but Shirley said that it was too soon. We'll keep working with the girls. We may be teaching them but we're really focusing on Shirley as well. Bishop Smith is a big help for us on that one and members in Glenwood are awesome at fellowshipping.

We taught Kendall again. We finally got back into contact with him and he's been showing a lot of commitment. He's already read through Mosiah! We asked him what his favorite part in the Book of Mormon was so far and he said the olive tree allegory! Sounds golden to me! He has a short attention span and some word of wisdom issues but we established daily contact with him so things will progress with him.

Brandie cancelled on us but we're meeting with her tonight and are going to set a date. Her husband has a testimony but feels awkward attending church because of the choices he makes. The principles of daily contact will help out in her situation too. Ryan doesn't seem antagonistic but not supportive at the same time.

We met with Raymond's district and trained them on the pricniples of consecration. It's amazing when you apply these principles. No longer do I want to talk about sports or music. I just want to talk about the work and how we can improve things in the area. It seems like being obedient is no longer a question. That's primary stuff now. Now it's about giving everything to the Lord and I've felt so much more peaceful this past weekend. It's been a while since I've felt the Spirit as strong as it was at ZLC.

Im officially exhausted everynoght and everyday zooms by faster than a mazda zed 3 (canadian car). Elder Harris is an awesome companion and I feel like there's so much urgency to bring people back to God. Neat experience we had with prayer, Elder Harris asked that we would find someone who knew about the doctrine of Christ that we could baptize by the end of September. Sure enough, 2 hours later we get a phonecall from a member who has a friend whose son just died and she wants to learn more about the church. If we ask, we will receive.

Elder Madsen

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