Wednesday, September 7, 2011

June 28, 2011

Hey everybody,

Well, there's bittersweet news. Elder Hansen and I are going to part ways and I'm going to have to leave the Smeaton family. But I am going to Cardston with Elder Mott and am a new zone leader! Elder Mott is from Toole, UT and was my district leader a couple of transfers ago. We had a lot of fun together and I am excited to work there because it's right next to the temple!!!! There will be some pics of Waterton National Park in a few weeks. Be prepared!!!

Miracles have not ceased in Praire Winds. Bradley has a baptismal date for July 9th. He is totally prepared and is definitely one of the elect. He is 20 but has girlfriend and child back in Ontario. He does have plan to get married. He has so much faith. We taught him the law of chastity. We told him that when he goes back to Ontatrio, he cannot live with his girlfirend until he marries her. There was o lng silence in the room. Bradley has been trying to gain back the trust of his girlfriend ever since they had a child together. He couldn't handle the pressure of being a young father and left her but is now trying to make things right with her. From the bottom of his heart, he asked, "How am I supposed to gain her trust back if I don't live with her?" Silence in the room continued and then Elder Hansen said, "Bradley, by living the law of chastity, you will gain her trust back and you will gain your trust with Heavenly Father and those around you." Silence filled the room for a moment, the Spirit was building. Bradley said, "I will keep the law of chastity... no matter what it takes." This is not our work, it's the Lord's. Two 20 year old boys by themselves could not do that, but two 20 year old boys called of God with power and authority can. He was at church after getting home at 1 in the morning and working 17 hours. I asked him how he did that. He said, "God is giving me so much, nothing is a sacrifice to him in comparison to what he's giving me."

There are so many more miracles going on. Dani and her family recevied the first lesson. I know with all my heart that Dani is going to be an incredible member because during the first lesson, Satan tried to get in there by sending the kids' father unexpectedly. He was very rude to her and to us after we were trying to be polite. After the kids' dad walked in, Dani's interest in the lesson was gone. Nothing was getting to her but, the Spirit did build back up because she testified that she knew that Joseph saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. She defintely likes to walk by sight rather than faith because she asked where the gold plates were and said that the only parts of the Book of Mormon that she believes are true are the parts that she has read.

We've also taught people on their doorsteps and are seeing lots of miracles. Elder Hansen is an incredible missionary. He is full of faith and if it wasn't for him, I don't think we would've seen half of the miracles we saw this transfer. The Lord placed he and I here for a reason. I am exicted to work with Elder Mott.

So my cool insight I found in the scriptures this week. Read through Doctrine and Covenants and see how many times it says "pray vocally". I enjoy praying vocally because it locks away all of the thoughts I don't want to have in my prayers. I love being a missionary and enjoy the one on one time I have with the scriptures. It's the best!

I love you all and am glad the mail strike is over!

Elder Madsen

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