Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 30, 2011

The miracles continue to grow in Prairie Winds. Mike and Nick are doing well and attended the ward pizza party and really bonded well with the members. Tiffany is overly excited for the 4th and has everything set up for it already.

We taught Isabel the first lesson on Thursday. It went awesome! We firmed her for June 11th and she was unsure at first. Sister Pozzi did a good job of helping her feel comfortable with us as Isabel expressed that she believes the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph is a prophet. She doesn't have a problem with being baptized again but is concerned about what her parents might feel about her being baptized. She wondered if she should tell them or not because she understands that she is an adult and can make her own choices but doesn't want to disappoint her dad. This is when the spirit became VERY strong in the lesson because we told her God's truth. We said whenever we are confused about something, we should always pray and find out what God wants us to do. I'm so glad we've received so many trainings on the importance of helping our investigators seeking revelation because that is what the Spirit was telling Isabel... to learn for herself what God wanted her to do in this difficult situation. After that, I shared with her one of the most personal scriputres to me in D&C 84:88 which says, "I will be on your right hand and on your left..." and talks about how angels will bear us up when we testify of truth to others (makes me wonder why sometimes I'm embarassed to share what God wants me to tell people). Isabel couldn't finish the scripture without tears in her eyes. The Spirit had borne truth to her and God was speaking to her heart. We comforted her and let her know where those feelings were coming from and said, "After praying and asking God what you should do, will you prepare to be baptized on June 11th?" There couldn't have been any other answer than "yes" for a person who was as prepared as she was.

We're working closely with Anil. He is still frustrated that his family doesn't respect him. We knew we should teach the Restoration and emphasize that there is only one prophet and one church that is of God. I have never been that bold in my life. Anil was describing his stress about his family and how he feels like he can't take it anymore. We declared the gospel of Jesus Christ with boldness and love. I don't know what other way you can teach it. I felt incredible afterwards knowing that the Spirit was with us giving the words he needed to hear. He didn't accept the firm because he is still unsure about the word of wisdom. He can't find confidence to keep it. We do have a return appointment.

The miracles are growing in Praire Winds. I love this area because of the hard work, diligence and obedience that is being put into it. Elder Hansen and Elder Marsden are great companions. Elder Marsden does need to start feeling better though. He's been pretty sick.

I read this talk called the purification process. What it is is that you go on a 40 day fast from all of your bad habits that limit your sensitivity to the Spirit. I came up with a list this weekend and boy was it big!... even as a missionary. I just started today and I know that the Lord will help me become a more effective insturment in His hands as I consecrate more of myself to Him. Probably my biggest weakness is consecrating my all to the Savior... which includes pride, mind, heart, real charity. It's tough but I know it;s worth it. I love all of you and am excited to make this an even better year for missionary work.


Elder Madsen

P.S. thank you for the packages and I really appreciated the letter you sent me dad. It meant a lot and I gained an incredible insight of why the work we do as missionaries is so important. It's not okay to think that we can just ignore people and assume they'll accept it in the spirit world. There must be a sense of urgency in birnging Heavenly Father's children back to Him

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