Wednesday, June 1, 2011

April 25, 2011

Hey everybody,

The weather is getting very warm up here! Thank you so much for the packages. They're the best and exactly what I needed!!! Miracles have been happening every day here in Prairie Winds.

We kept up with our 80% 7 days again this week. On Thursday, we went on splits and Elder Hansen and Elder Lewis tore it up! They found and taught 3 new investigators. It was awesome! Elder Booth and I found 2 referrals for the Spanish. We were walking around these houses looking for a specific address and we saw a lady through the window and so we went up and knocked on her door. She said she only spoke Spanish, so I thought to myself, "Well, I took 3 years of Spanish... should I try it?" Sure enough I just started talking about who we were in Spanish and she was talking back as well. I spoke just enough to find out she was Pentecostal and that the Spanish missionaries could come back on Saturday at 3 Pm... Gift of tongues or what?!?!?! CRAZY!!!

We have return appointments with all 3 of those investigaotrs. One of them is Nick's dad. He said he wants to come back to church everyday. He had concerns about polygamy and Elder Lewis and Elder Hansen resolved them very well. We hvae a lesson with him again on Friday. Eric, a Filipino (I would be teaching another Filipino, haha), let Elder Hansen and Elder Lewis in and they only had 10 minutes with him for the 1st lesson. They firmed him and he said he wanted to learn more. Elder Hansen and I got out of ward council and felt like we should go get all of our investigators to church. We ran out and caught Eric at the door while he was asleep. I guess we guilt tripped him into coming because it was Easter. He said, "Oh, you're right! I gotta go! What time?" Eric was really able to feel the Spirit especially during Gospel Principles class. The lesson was on faith and beleive me... Filipinos are very faithful. We have a lesson with him on Tuesday with a Filipino member helping us out.

Elder Hansen continued to follow our 15 minute rule and found a Native lady and her family to teach as well. At first, she said she was up for anything but Chrisitianity and Catholicism... let's just the Spirit is a wonderful tool. As we taught the plan of salvation, she said it made sense to her. She doesn't want to give up her native beliefs. As we taught more about Jesus Christ, the Spirit was very powerful and we firmed her for May 21. She said she wanted to talk to her family about it more first. We gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read from it. She seemed to be ignoring us this weekend as we knocked on her door. She said the Jw's were stopping by as well.

We met Bev on Sunday. She has been in the hospital. The Sunridge elder's gave her a blessing and she said she felt like it helped out a lot. There was a lot of stress going on with her because of the black mold and electrical problems in her place. Apparently, she's been having a mild heart attack for the past 3 months... while Elder Reese and I were teaching her. She's very limited on what she can do and will keep us posted.

Right now, we have over 10 investigators and set up at least 5 new investigator lessons for this week. Miracles are everywhere here in Prairie Winds.


Elder Madsen

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