Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September 20, 2011

Hey everybody!

This week was chalk full of miracles! Brandie called us Sunday night and said she went to the United church. She said she felt the spirit of contention there the whole time. She missed the feeling she had at our church that morning. She also realized that she can no longer let her husband be the reason to stop her from joining the church so she asked if she could be baptized on Tuesday! Unfortunately, that won't be possible but we are scheduling it for this Saturday. It was a sweet miracle!

We heard from a member a while ago that he had a Filipino friend, Ron, who he gave a Book of Mormon to. The member showed us where he lived and we've been knocking on his door forever. We've been trying to have more specific prayers and we asked Heavenly Father if we could find someone who has been friendshipped by members that we could teach and baptize. So, at 8:45 we knocked on one of the doors we had in our plans and found Ron! He welcomed us in and thanked us for sharing God's words. What's cool is that he has 2 sisters in the Phillipines who are members!

We were teaching Brandie at Brother Hill's and as we walked in, we saw a Native woman with her son. Brother Hill invited her over to listen in on Brandie's lesson. After talking to her, we found out that she doesn't smoke or drink and that she has a strong belief in Christ. We took her on a church tour this morning and the Spirit was so strong! I had goosebumps running uip and down my body especially as the Restoration movie talked about how God will give us good gifts if we ask for them. She's coming to church this Sunday and wants to experience that before she is baptized... Don't worry, we did firm her...

Kendall's date dropped because we found out he's on probation so he'll have to wait and get that taken care of.

Miracles are flying in from left and right. We have 14 investigators and they're starting to progress! The biggest change that we've made is that now our prayers are so specific. We ask God for specific blessings and he gives them to us. It's incredible how simple and powerful the promise in James 1:5 is. We've also been saying a prayer of gratitude after every appointment or lesson so that we can show God that we're not only thankful but that we want more guidance from Him as well. I know that there are prayers that re being offered by so many of you and I want you to know that I can feel them. There's so many times where I want to pass out and fall asleep in the middle of the day but I still have the mantle and angels helping me out to carry the calling that God has given.

Elder Madsen

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