Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Letter from A Member

Hi Everyone,

You have a Wonderful Son up here on a Mission and he is doing a Great Job
and we ALL Love Him!

If I were the two-of-you I would be pretty proud of Keith and his dedication
to his mission.

Last weekend when he was at my place and we were watching Stake Conference
on the Internet, he mentioned your Anniversary to me and I offered to call
you but he said no he wasn't supposed to do that, so I respected his wishes.
But he was thinking of you!

On Tuesday he got transferred to the Calgary East Stake and I really hated
to see him go.

You know, Missionaries come and go, but then there are those special ones
that you feel attached to that you really miss when they get transferred,
and Elder Madsen was one of those keepers.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Floyd Black

Phone: 1-403-609-5000

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