Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7, 2010

Hey everybody,

We got our transfer notices today. I'm once again staying in Lethbridge but with a new companion, Elder Flygare. I guess missionaries can't stand me seeing that I haven't served with anybody for more than a transfer. Anyways, I'm really glad I get to stay here because I love this area and want to see the fruits of our labors. I prayed and fasted that I could stay here and sure enough, the Lord answered my prayer.

So from September to May, we have to wear suits... everywhere unless it is consistently 21 degrees C or higher... Even though it's fairly warm, I am not asking for winter to come yet.

So on Thursday, we met with the 2 Filipino girls, Kathryn and Jaycel. They're teenagers and came to Canada about 2 months ago (kinda like me eh) and are going to school here. Their mom is a less active member but the dad is Catholic. We taught them half of the first lesson and really stressed the importance of the Atonement. Kathryn said she felt bad for all the wrong things she had done. We taught how there was a way they could have a complete remission of their sins through baptsim. After the Spirit was really strong, Elder Stevens gave them a firm invitation to be baptized on the 18th. They both said yes with smiles! Here's the best part... a general authority is coming to the mission to do a tour and will be in lethbridge on the 18th... oh and he'll be going to convert baptisms... minor detail i guess, thought id throw it in there just to let you know. We taught about Joseph Smith and showed them the Restoration DVD in Tagolog but with English subtitles... if that's not cool then i dont know what is. It's way sweet to see them excited to learn more about Christ and how he can help us. Hopefully the dad is okay with the baptsim though... pray that his heart will be softened.

We were very busy this week working with the members on helping them to do missionary work. It's amazing to see the incredible faith people have of going out of their comfort zones and sharing the gospel with others. The Lord said that he would provide a way for us if we keep the commandments (1 Nephi 3:7). Sharing the gospel with others is a commandment from Him and as a representative of the Lord, I can testify to you that He will provide an opportunity for you and a way for you to share your love for Him as you diligently seeketh to find ways to increase your faith in Him. I know we can read our scriptures and pray and go to church and do all of those important things, but go out of the box for a minute. Find a unique way you can show the Lord you trust Him. Maybe there's a habit you're trying to get rid of or there's something holding you back from always remembering Him. I've probably already said this to you but when the Savior was walking along the sea of Galilee, He looked at the fisherman and told them to follow Him. Did the Disciples try carrying their nets loaded with their fish inside? Could you imagine how difficult it must have been to have carried those nets with their daily catches while walking with the Savior? Well what nets do we have that we're trying to carry when we're trying to follow the Savior? I know that even I as representative and follower of Him have nets to drop and I do my best to leave them behind. I'd invite you to identify those nets and drop them... not tomorrow, not next week because then it'll never happen. Right now is the time He wants you to follow Him. It's not too late. He loves you and wants you to be able to partake of the blessings that He has suffered for so that we can all be able to enjoy our Heavenly Father's presence.

I love you and bear witness that He is there and loves us all.


Elder Madsen

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