Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 3, 2010

Hey everybody!

So I got my new companion! He is pretty awesome and has an awesome sense of humor. He said last November, he had Thanksgiving with the Natives, so he felt like it was a "legit" Thanksgiving! haha

Wow, time is flying! It's already August! I cannot believe it... and guess what? in 5 weeks, there'll be another transfer! I can't get over how much time flies out here!

So, Jade is moving either today or tomorrow. It's really unfortunate she wasn't able to get baptized but I know that as she continues to read from the Book of Mormon and pray and attends church, she will find that strength and that comfort from the Holy Ghost to get baptized. If all the Lord wanted me to do was to plant that seed, then I'm DEFINITELY okay with that... but there's always that part of you that wants to see her baptized but I guess i need to work on some things in my own life to make my will according to what Heavenly Father's will is. We're teaching Carrie on Sunday! She's reading from the Book of Mormon and praying and is asking questions to her fellowsippers. She hasn't really developed that strong relationship with us quite yet but I have a feeling that she will soon open up to us as we work with her. There are also other investigators we're working with and praying for that we can help bring closer to the waters of baptism... a.k.a. im busy and my mind is racing all over the place.

So, how did your Book of Mormon challenges go? I gave you till the end of the month but the only reason I do that is because if I don't give you a time frame, then you won't do it until I come home so I thought I would give you a generous amount of time. What helps is when you teach each other the backgorund of the Book of Mormon (with the pictures and everything) and testify to each other of how it has helped you in your life and how you were able to gain a testimony of this testament of our Savior. The reason you teach each other before your actual "investigator" is because not only will it help you get rid of the choppiness and the verbal statics in your delivery but it will also strenghten your testimony before you actually share it. I promise you that the Spirit will be with you as you testify of this Book. They might not recognize it but the Holy Ghost will be there. It will guide what you say in the "very moment" (D&C) you will need it.

There's another program in the mission called the 7 day challenge. Basically, we invite familes to share their testimonies with a non member friend in 7 days. This one family (Toth's) were 7 dayed about a month ago with Elder Sanders and I and didn't invite anyone BUT they fasted and kept this challenge in their prayers and their son Austin in Waterton had a 2 hour discussion with his friend about the gospel. The missionaries came over and are now teaching him! Guess who gets to each him now? Yep! Elder Sanders got transferred to Cardston as a zone leader and now he gets to teach the Toth's friend. That's so cool! He gets to teach somebody that came from a seven day challenge he gave! Oh man but now there's this family... the Wetterstrand's! We 7 dayed them and they've been working with 2 people and Sister Wtterstrand taught her hair dresser the plan of salvation while she got her hair done!!! Prayers are real and Heavenly Father is listening and he WILL answer them.

I love you all and I appreciate the e-mails and letters. Some pictures would be nice! Keep me in your prayers as I am keeping you in mine!


Elder Madsen

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