Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

Hey everybody,

Well, the adversary is real. We met with Jade and she was getting nervous about her baptism. She is afraid of what her friends will think about her new lifestyle and also is afraid that she won't be able to keep all of the commandments. We weren't able to teach her the 3rd lesson because we couldnt find preisthood (how does that make you feel brethren... next time the missionaries ask you to go to a lesson with them, if you have free time then GO!!! it seriously can make a difference is someone's life). We could only talk on the doorstep but we did tell her that those feelings of doubt and concern are totally natural and that we were grateful that she was taking this seriously. We told her after her baptism that she would be able to enjoy the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost which would help her (that's part of the third lesson, so I guess we gave her a little preview of what we were teaching). But what she said was awesome! She goes, "Well, I guess I'll just keep reading this." SHA-WING!!!! She totally has a testimony but I'm not sure if she recognizes it yet. I can't wait till Tuesday and she also said her husband would be there and that he would go to her baptism! So the family's behind her!!! YESSSSSS!!!!

Now the opposition was working very hard with Elder Sanders and I with Carrie. We taught the third lesson. Her member friend said that she was feeling pressured about baptism so Elder Sanders and I thought of some ways to bring it up without pressuring her during our companionship studies. So after teaching about baptism, Elder Sanders delivered the invitation in the kindest, most heartfelt way that made it seem like this was a decision between her and God and that it was up to her. She said she couldn't do the 31st because she is having surgery in September...

Alll we could do was encourage her to continue praying. She said she feels the Spirit as we teach and we notice that she really pays attention as we teach. But there has been a difference between the way she reacted during our first lesson and this past one. Who do you think has been in her head? That's right, before every great spiritual moment, the adversary steps in. He is real and wants to put doubts and worries and concerns in our heads to make us feel like we're inadequate to be able to keep the commandments our Heavenly Father has set for us. It's not just with investigators though, it's with all of us... even prophets. Look at Moses who had the devil appear before him or Joseph beofre he saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The adversary tries his hardest to keep the work from going forth. The question is how are we going to face it? During this week, I'd invite you to think of experiences where you have been able to overcome Satan and his forces and how you are going to deal with those trials in the future. Tell me about them. I want to hear your testimonies and solutions to this because Saturday was a rough night for Elder Sanders and I and discouragement was overwhleming us to the point where now we are studying to find ways to be able to overcome the devil and bring hope into other people's lives.

I love you all and I care about each and everyone of you. I find out next week if I'm gettting transferred or not. You are all in my prayers.

Love, Elder Madsen


  1. Dude, you're the best Keith, keep up the good fight and I'll tell you when I get my mission call - Steven Smith

  2. What is Keith's address? I only have his MTC address and I really want to send him a letter. =)