Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010


Hey everybody!

I am now in Calgary... scratch that, I'm in my first area which is Lethbridge! 9 degrees.... Celsius haha.

The mission president and his wife met us after we got off the plane yesterday. That was a long day. We had to get up at 3 AM (Ouch!) but it was good because I learned what being tired is. My trainer is Elder Sanders. HE's been out for 20 months so he knows quite a bit about missionary work. Last night, all the greenies went to the chapel which is right across the street from the mission. We all bore our testimonies which was awesome. Then the a.p's got a board with the mission map on it and had us guess where we were going. I guessed Lethbridge and I got it right!

It is raining pretty hard out there right now and I'm supposed to have dinner at a member's home tonight so we'll see how everything goes. Well, it's official now. I'm out in the mission field. The MTC was awesome and I hope I can take all that preparation and apply it into the mission field. I love you all! I hope everything is going well. It was really hard saying goodbye to you mom... now i know why missionaries don't call their parents all the time. I really hope that I can literally lose myself in the work because I know that people will be blessed if I'm more concerned about them than myself. In my interview with President Archibald last night, he said that when I sent my letter off to the First Presidency that I signed my agency away. He had me commit to him to obey all the mission rules and complete this mission with exact obedience. I'm still having fun even though I'm busy all the time. He said that missionaries from college go thru a tough transition. Before, all I thought about was myself; getting good grades for me, making money for the things I want, following the schedule I wanted to follow, etc. Now I have to go the opposite way and think about others... because that's the way Christ lived. I want to give my all for these next two years so that when Heavenly Father asks me about my mission, I can tell Him with an honest heart that I have no regrets from the time I was in Canada. I pray for all of you. I love the letters. They brighten my day. Letters are going to be tough for me to send down there because they cost a dollar but I'll try my hardest. Family is priority number 1 haha. The Church is true

Love, Elder Madsen

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